Our bodies evolved to translate sensations into actions. Adverse experiences cause our amygdala to send Fight, Flight or Freeze responses to our body. Especially the freeze signals can become stuck, specifically in the myofascia (connective tissue) surrounding our musscles. Through conscious and deep (self)touch we can (re-)experience the intense sensations associated with those tissues and expand our ability to sense our body and with that greater freedom in our actions.

In this 1 hour massage we will go on a joint exploration of the sensations hidden in your body. Emotional safety, personal autonomy and sexual freedom are all area’s that we explore purely by deep long strokes around the back, the legs and the hips.
Side effects of this massage can be:

-Deeper sleep

-Less back pain

-More (sexual) energy

-Greater tolerance for stress and negative emotions

-An upright body posture and a smile on your face.

You have to experience it.

See you on my table,



The science behind it:

Interoception is the awareness of the bodily condition based on the information derived directly from the body. The pathways pertaining to interoception project towards the autonomic and medullar homoeostatic centers and the brainstem, where they are routed to the frontal cingulate cortex and the dorsal posterior insula, by the thalamocortical circuit. Interoception can modulate the exteroceptive representation of the body, as well as pain tolerance; dysregulation of the pathways that manage or stimulate interoception could cause a distortion of one’s own body image, influencing emotionality.