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Info night announced 15th of march.

Come to our first Rogue Stars info night and discover how you can supercharge your life, your work and your innovation power..

In this evening using cosmology, neurology and practical exercises we will introduce you to how to break free from self-limiting patterns and beliefs.

To enable you to take the next step in your life and create something truly new.

Have you ever felt stuck when trying to create your vision?
In this evening you will learn:

  • How to break free from conditioning and limiting beliefs
  • Use your body to enhance your creative power and challenge your fears
  • Levels of adult human development
  • Consciousness & Flow hacking

You will be able to try out some tools we use in our full weekend training such as a neuro-entrainment device called “the Pandora Star” that can help you reach different meditative and problem solving states or you can participate in a cool challenge:

How committed are you to challenge your beliefs?

Do the ice-bath challenge and find out what you can do!

See you there!
Rogue Stars


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